Math Hunt of Amsterdam

Take a look at Amsterdam from a different angle!

The Math Hunt of Amsterdam is an exploration of the mathematically intriguing things that can be found in the city.  On the hunt, you will discover the many mathematical secrets that can be found in the streets and canals.  This includes sculptures, monuments, historical figures, unique architecture, etc.  From equilateral triangles to circles to an icosahedron, there are a variety of different geometric shapes ready to be explored in this amazing city.

The hunt starts at Central Station and lasts about 2.5 hours.  School groups are also welcome as the hunt can be customized to include mathematical topics being studied in the classroom.   

Contact me to find out more about the different possibilities of scheduling a mathematical hunt in the city.

Some of the mathematical topics included:

  • Polygons and polyhedra
  • Circles and semicircles
  • Rotational and reflectional symmetry
  • Cartesian coordinate system
  • Basic graph theory and networks
  • Historical figures

Here is a video example of things that can be seen here in the city. These students (ages 11-17) spent a week in Amsterdam exploring the mathematics that can be found here in The Netherlands.