Mathematics Workshops

Next available workshop:

Thursday, April 28 from 19:00-20:30

  • Where: TBA
  • Topic: Patterns (see video for example)

Please send me an email to reserve a spot for the workshop.  The cost is €10 per person.

Workshop Topics

Two-Digit Multiplication

- further your understanding of multiplying two-digit numbers using various methods used around the world

Squares and Cubes

- learn multiple shortcuts for squaring two-digit numbers

- discover how to calculate square roots and cube roots of large numbers 

Mental Math Tricks

- investigate more examples of fun and simple mathematics tricks for doing calculations in your head

Algebra and Geometry in the Real World

- find out how to actually use mathematical concepts in everyday situations

The workshops are aimed towards people who find calculations difficult or who are anxious about mathematics. I specialize in teaching mathematics to all ability levels and enjoy assisting those that claim they are not a 'math person.'

Contact me to schedule a mathematics workshop.